September No-Purchase Update

Happy October!! Does it feel like fall where you are? It does here! This past Sunday (October 1) we totally did that fall thang and went out to the pumpkin patch. We came back with a small one for the teenie and a larger one to carve. I would have been fine not carving a pumpkin because well, minimalism, but the hubs wanted one so now we have two. Don’t worry, I’ll be looking for ways to make the most out of these pumpkins so they don’t go to waste. 😉

So now on to September. I did it folks…30 days no purchases outside of food and drink. Can’t really say it was all that difficult though. The only two possible purchases that I really faced off with were: a screen door for the door off my kitchen so we could turn off the AC and let fresh air in without the bugs and a bike trailer for teenie so we could enjoy the beautiful weather with a long bike ride.

It was pretty easy to get the screen door out of my mind quickly as I knew I was going to be gone for majority of the month anyway. That being said, we will eventually be getting one because there is something that really gets to me about using central air when the weather is nice out. Sure, extreme temps support its use a little more but when it gets to be straight up comfy outside, I don’t exactly feel like I’m not doing a very good job at lessening our household’s footprint when our AC is running. My goal would be to find one used, which I’m hoping that between one of the two Habitat for Humanity ReStores we have in our area I’ll get lucky.

As far as the bike trailer goes, since I wasn’t buying anything I decided to borrow a friend’s – you know, take the community approach. Then I realized I didn’t know how I was going to transport my bike with a baby on board.  Before I would lay down the seats and just shove my bike into the car but that’s not an option with a carseat. Not wanting to go down that wormhole of spending time researching a bike rack that I wasn’t going to be buying this month anyway, I decided to table it. The fact we had so much going on made it all the more easy. While I’d love to take teenie out for a long bike ride at some point down the road, for now I’m completely satisfied with taking her out for hikes and other outdoor activities that don’t require the purchase of equipment.

For the month of October, I would like to keep any purchases not related to food or beverage to used only. This was pretty much the general goal for the year anyway, but I’ll be keeping particular focus on it as we start to head closer towards the end of the year.

Are there any purchases you refrained from this past month that made you feel particularly good from not having made them? Please share! 🙂

xo, Erica