Positivity February

Negativity, that shiz will rot you from the inside out. But how often do we find ourselves thinking about or uttering even the smallest complaint on a regular basis? Sometimes its about the traffic, weather, speed of table service, someone’s rude behavior, or the door jam being in the way of a passing pinky toe. Maybe its internal, giving ourselves a hard time for forgetting a friend’s birthday, getting caught up in holding a grudge or worrying about things that may never happen or just aren’t that big of a big deal. Personally, I can barely go a day without hearing a complaint either made by someone else or from my own mouth. Though generally a positive person, over the last few years I’ve found myself playing more and more into the negativity game, finding fault in the silliest things whether it be situations, things others have done or myself. Maybe its a complaint about the temperature (and how much I loathe winter) or how tired I am because I didn’t get 8 full hours of sleep (aka parenthood). Maybe its worrying about something I said or how a decision is going to play out. Sometimes its stressing about a messy house and not being able to get everything on my to-do list done. All of these things added up together result in a lot of wasted energy. It’s exhausting, defeating, sometimes debilitating and only leads feelings of discontent.

Thing is, I’m totally grateful of my life and all beautiful parts of it but isn’t it funny how easy it is to lost sight of these things when our attention is focused on the negative? Often it’s not until life hands us a true curveball that perspective shifts us back into focus and we have a heightened awareness of what’s most important. Then we find that the silly things we once worried about pale in comparison to what troubles really exist. It seems selfish and a squandering of good fortune to waste time worrying about the trivial, especially when there are people all over the world with true problems; whether it be poor health, disabilities, poverty, or legit nightmares. We only have one life, so why waste our days being fixated on petty or made-up issues? No longer do I want to use up my good days only to look back and regret the time I wasted fretting.

I’ve found negativity to be a bit like a snowball: once you start heading down that hill it just keeps getting worse and worse but with a positive mindset minor annoyances cease to find momentum. This is why for my February challenge I’m setting out to shower all of my days with love. That means no complaining, fussing, or criticizing. No being cranky because I didn’t get enough sleep or freaking out because the house is a wreck. No beating myself up for not being perfect. No worrying about every. single. little. thing. Just optimism, gratitude, and positivity.

My intention for doing this is to reset my thinking. Sure, unfortunate things do happen and while unavoidable there is often a flip side to every negative situation. Finding this flip side used to be a strong suit of mine but has become rusty in recent years. Hopefully by the end of 30 days the habits utilized to keep my thoughts uplifted will continue forward and I’ll be back in the habit of finding the positive in everyday irritations.

Throughout February I’ll be sharing nuggets of positive inspiration on social media so be sure to follow along! If you’re interested in how things went with the ’30 days of 30 minutes’ January outdoor challenge, be sure to come back Friday for the recap! 🙂

xo, Erica

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