Keeping It In The Family

How was your Easter weekend? The weather was absolutely gorgeous here so we spend as much time as possible soaking in great outdoors and breathing in all that fresh spring air! Last week I told you about how my mother-in-law came across the Easter dress of my sister-in-law (and former blog partner), Brooke, that she wore […]

Easter Mommy & Me Collab

If you didn’t already know, I used to blog regularly with my sister-in-law, Brooke, on Pumps & Push-Ups, where I contributed nutrition advice in addition to writing about fitness and fashion. Through this experience we made some wonderful friends, many of which we collaborated with for various blog posts. This year I joined back up Brooke, […]

March Recap & April Goals

What a great month March was! I feel like I’ve really been making progress in my goals towards reducing food waste and have continued to hold on to my resolutions for the year.  Let’s take a look! The following purchases were made in March (outside of routine grocery essentials): Glass jars/containers: 2 salad dressing, 3 […]

Giving Paper Towels A New Purpose

When I started my mission to reduce waste at the beginning of the year, the first thing I did was remove anything disposable from our kitchen: paper towels, foil, saran wrap, sandwich bags, freezer bags, straws, skewers, even the paper plates, napkins, dixie cups and plasticware typically reserved for gatherings. Even though practically every last […]

Recycling Center Tour

Earlier this month I toured my local recycling center! I was eager to see what happens with my recyclables once they leave the curb and the folks at TFC Recycling were happy to show me around. Once the truck carrying your recyclables has been weighed, it drops them off in a large pile to be […]

DIY Produce Bags

After a trip to the Farmer’s Market this past weekend I decided that it was time to have some cloth, reusable bags to be used in my shopping endeavors.  I needed something to carry loose produce (such as green beans, mushrooms, or even leaf lettuce) home in, as well as aid me in bulk purchases, if needed.  I’ve […]