October Purchase Recap

Soooo, I think that 10 months of no clothes shopping and an entire month of zero shopping might have caught up to me towards the second half of the month. While I can’t say I went too crazy, there was definitely a small element of satisfying a shopping urge for a couple of days there. Luckily it was done with items that can help reduce waste rather than create it. Let’s take a look!

First half of the month:

1 stainless cup – to prevent disposable

2 pairs used tennis shoes for teenie

Second half of the month:

2 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, 1 set of jammmies for teenie – used

1 Halloween costume – used

1 stainless wide mouth funnel for bulk shopping – NEW*

1 small stainless steel pot – used

1 spatula – used

1 wire whisk – used

1 glass water bottle – used

6 cloth napkins – used (or two napkins + 4 hankies)

12 mason jars – used

1 box of 12 lids – NEW

Biiiiiig difference between the first half vs the second half, lol.

If you didn’t catch my post about our recent travels, I made the decision to buy a stainless steel cup while we were there. Not bringing anything other than a mason jar (silly me), I picked this one up when we had stopped for coffee at a Target to avoid the single use cup my husband’s coffee would have created (since he doesn’t quite love the mason as I do). I figured it would avoid any further disposable cups throughout our trip and would get plenty of use down the road. Wise decision as it has already been getting lots of use.

Though it feels like we just sized up, teenie’s feet are definitely in a growth spurt. I picked up these two pairs at a secondhand store for kids which was pretty exciting! The tennis shoes were barely worn and the little canvas shoes still had the tags on them. Total win! Of course, I still don’t think the growth spurt has finished as she already seems as if she is growing out of these.

I picked up a few other clothing items as well since her shoes aren’t the only things she’s been growing out of.

I knew I wanted to dress teenie up as a bee for Halloween and had actually been planning to try to make it using scrap materials. That being said when a secondhand, ready-to-wear costume that fits falls in your lap – you take it! 😉 Hoping to sell it back to where we bought it. If not I’ll either keep in with all the other baby stuff we have stored in case we ever have another, give it away or donate it!

As part of my effort to simplify every part of my low waste shopping process as well as declutter my home, I purchased a stainless steel wide mouth funnel to use for bulk shopping and food transfer. To keep from making a mess at the store, I’ve primarily been using plastic tubs to shop with but this means having to transfer ingredients into storage when I get home, resulting in the extra step plus having to clean them out afterwards. Plus they took up extra space. While I’ve been really trying to abide by the “use what you have” adage, thiiiis was a little bit of an impulse purchase but still think it will get a lot of use over time, especially if we do any canning in the future. Regrettably purchased through Amazon, I know I could have probably popped into any cooking store and found this item just as easily but that’s exactly why I do this recap. It helps to keep track of purchases and the thought process behind them.

While on a mission to find used mason jars to replenish my stash (freezing had seriously left me with nothing) I ended up picking up a few extra items along the way.

I had decided to start keeping my eye out for a small stainless steel pot to replace two we had with non-stick coating. So, when I found this at the first stop it was actually a negative purchase with one coming in and two going out!

I’m starting to feel like I have a spatula obsession as this is the second one I’ve bought in the last few months. Well, in my fierce decluttering of all things plastic, I weeded out my husband’s favorite spatula so this one was a replacement. The wire whisk was to replace the cheap plastic handled whisk that broke. It may have been unnecessary as I’d been making due with beaters from my hand mixer but at least it was secondhand and I could always pare it back down again later. I had decided earlier this month that having more cloth napkins might not be such a bad thing, so in keeping my eye out I came across two. The other “4” actually more than likely are hankies (which I don’t have any) so they could go either way. As far as the glass water bottle – those are just one of those things you have to snag when you see them! My mom has been borrowing the last one I found so figured she could choose between keeping that one or using this one instead.

I got lucky and hit the jar mother load after several attempts of checking my usual spots had not yielded much luck. Seeing as I learned my lesson after having returned an entire case of thrifted jars back in March, later realizing I was right to have bought them, I didn’t hesitate to load them in my cart. Only two had lids but knew that there had to be a way to get them by themselves (which there was). While there were over 12 in the box, I decided to only keep the 2 with lids and 10 unlidded, donating the rest of the smaller size back to Goodwill, leaving me with a couple extra lids on hand in case one went missing (which has happened).

Of course, as with many months there were those unavoidable purchases such as new brake pads and tires (blaaaaah) but I don’t include those things since they are a part of maintenance and safety rather than miscellaneous spending. No birthday gifts for teenie or Halloween goodies beyond the costume and a couple of pumpkins (we don’t get trick-or-treaters so instead we visited friends). My goal for the year was to avoid new when not necessary. I guess you could deem the funnel unnecessary, but feel like certain purchases that aid in the reduction of waste are borderline acceptable. All-in-all, not a bad month!

As far as clothing goes, I still don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and my wardrobe actually feels more full since weeding out all the stuff I never wore or really cared for (placebo effect maybe or just having less legitimately works). Either way, I can’t believe I’m in the final two months of this year’s “closet fast.”

I don’t have any purchasing restrictions beyond the normal for November, however with the holidays coming I’ll need to be proactive and start working on gift planning to avoid new purchases as much as possible. Ready to get creative!

Hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this weekend (I know I did) and feel charged up heading into the new week! 🙂

xo, Erica