No-Wash November Recap

Wahooooo, I did it: 30 days without washing anything but my underoos!! Wait, I take that back. I had to wash a scarf because it got barfed on by the teenie one…but otherwise everything else including the stuff I wear on a regular basis made it through which was what the focus of this challenge! Hooray!!!

In case you missed my first post explaining the details of No-Wash November and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about here, let me recap:
1. My personal clothes could not be put into the washer or laundry basket for the entirety of the month.
2. Everything else, I would try to reach a goal of one wash day per week (did not include my husband’s clothes as he does his own laundry).

Now let’s take a closer look at each goal and how things went.

Goal #1: Besides the barf scarf, keeping the rest of my clothes “clean” was super manageable. And actually, I really went 35 days with laundering because I had got so into the habit of not washing and keeping my clothes presentable that there was no need to just go and dump everything into the hamper once 30 days was up. That being said, there were a couple things that needed washing by the end:

– One shirt acquired a nice little stain towards the end of the month because sloppy me decided it was a good idea to walk around the house all willy nilly while drinking coffee, resulting in a huge coffee splash down the front of my top on day 27. I tried spraying it with vinegar + water and then spot cleaning it but the stain didn’t budge so required further intervention.

– My lazing around the house jeans made it the whole time staying pretty decently clean considering they were the pants I wore most every day at some point. By day 29 I had to fold them up and set them aside for only yard work because they had been worn while cleaning out an out of control space in our backyard known to have had poison ivy in it in the past so I didn’t want to wear them around our house until washed.

– There were two dark tops that were pretty much designated to being my house shirts. I wore them whenever I was doing stuff around our home as they both hid dirt and spots well. One was worn to clean up the abandoned space in our yard, so like the pants they were set aside in the event of going back out into the yard if not to be washed. The other one up just and disappeared. Not sure if it accidentally got dropped into the laundry or mixed in with my husband’s clothes but I’ve still yet to locate it.

– One pair of socks, another lazing tee & a fleece jacket, all simply because they were worn when working in that area with the questionable ivy situation. Otherwise they would have been good to have been worn again.

Goal #2: As for everything else I did not quite get to one wash day per week. This was mostly due to situations out of my control that come with a toddler. That being said I do feel like the number of loads significantly declined. I was much less careless about what got thrown into the washer which was a habit I had set out to break.  There were definitely a few changes I made to our routine that were game changers in reducing our laundry:

– Spot cleaning teenie’s clothes kept them in circulation longer.

– Taking everything off at messy meals. If it wasn’t nuts or bread and we were at home she was dining in her birthday suit.

– Hang drying clothes that were just wet from playing or spilling water on herself.

– Reusing wash clothes and un-paper towels as much as possible throughout the day rather than replacing after each use.

– An old mesh trashcan was turned into a rag bin after asking for ideas on Instagram for how to keep from having rags hanging all over my house. This ended up being the solution I needed to avoid loads that were simply the result of wet rags that started to stink from sitting in the wash basin, void of light, for several days.

Once we’re over the hurdle of frequent sheet washes, I think we’ll be a lot closer to my once a week goals for sure. Until then, I’m still enjoying not having as much laundry to be put away these days! 🙂

Come back next week as I’ll be joining up with my sister-in-law for a special collab post, where we’ll be sharing tips on how to keep your clothes looking better longer, including all the tricks I used to keep them out of the washer this month!

xo, Erica

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