Newspaper Holder Flower Pot

Back earlier this year my husband brought home an old newspaper holder that he found in his dad’s truck bed. I think its intended destination was the landfill but hubs knew I’d be interested in possibly repurposing it (oh how well he knows me). He immediately suggested that it could be turned into a planter. Genius!! Serious the guy always comes up with the best ideas. A few months later I was stuck at home one day while one of our cars was in the shop. This became the perfect opportunity to turn that newspaper holder into a flower pot!

This project was really quite simple if you ever want to recreate it yourself! Once cleaned off and painted (allowing it time to thoroughly dry overnight) it was time to get it ready to plant! After putting in some planting fabric that we had on hand to keep the dirt from falling through the holes in the back I started to fill it up with potting soil. That was until I realized how heavy that made it and there would be no chance of hanging it ever. Also, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of potting soil by filling it up the whole way if I could get away with making it more shallow. I ended up finding a large empty vinegar bottle sitting in my recycling that was perfect for filling the void!

A few rocks were added at the corners to block the holes so dirt wouldn’t just wash to the bottom when it rained. Then it was topped off with soil and flowers were added!

Since it was still heavy even with the lesser amount of soil, I ended up putting it on the floor of our deck & nailing it to the support so it wouldn’t fall over during summer storms.  So far it has stayed up quite well! 🙂 This ended up being another great project that utilized an old small jar of sample paint we already had around the house keeping yet another object out of the landfill. 🙂

What sort of random objects have you repurposed into a planter or flower pot?

xo, Erica