New Year, New Adventures

Hello world, long time no talk!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three months since my last post. My absence started with the intention of taking a mini break during the holidays to be more present but then things took a crazy turn as we headed into the new year.  Not only has a large part of my time shifted towards helping my mom through some health related stuff but we also decided to put our house on the market back in January.  Hubs and I wanted a few things that our current house wasn’t providing us and we decided what better time than now to change things up so we’ve been in the process of moving and searching for a new home as well.

On top of all that we have more big news…

Coming in June of 2019 we’re expecting the arrival of another green bean!! (Bump pictures to come)

So how’s the whole waste thing been going amidst all of this? Admittedly we haven’t been as low waste as I’d prefer over the last two months.  Between the holidays, winter fatigue, baby fatigue, preparations selling the house and living in limbo at my parents I’m pretty sure we’ve created more garbage since December than we had for the entire year leading up to that.

Composting has temporarily been put on pause so we didn’t have to juggle food scraps during showings and because our worm bin is near max capacity.  Once we’re moved to our new home I’m hoping to get a two-bin system or something into place so that composting can get back on track and run a little more smoothly. We’ve otherwise continued to live relatively package free by shopping bulk as much as possible with only a few more items coming home in packaging than usual. Locality as far as produce goes hasn’t been too on point because I haven’t been able to make it to the farmer’s market in a while but we’re generally sticking to the things that are in season this time of the year with a few more allowances.  Luckily local meats are easy to come by at my go-to market, however I can’t say our meat consumption elsewhere has aligned with my goals, particularly when we’ve eaten out or in someone else’s home. Recycling has also been more difficult as my parents don’t have pick up service out where they live. While I was shuffling between mine and their house recycling was non-existent but since starting to move in, I’ve been able to start a collection bin that I’ll have to take to a drop off center myself periodically.

On a positive note I’ve bought zero stuff outside of food and general care items since before Christmas. Also my husband’s closet has seen a major makeover since getting the house ready to show.

Never has it been so slim and trim!! Sure I know, much of this is probably temporary because most of his stuff is packed up in storage but I’m hoping this is the start of something good.

Having pared down much of our house over the last two years it has been pretty easy getting things packed up but there’s nothing quite like a move to realize how much stuff you have.  I still feel like we have waaay too many things in our lives and hope to continue to chip away at any unnecessary excess over the next few months. Since we haven’t yet found our new home, we’ll be temporarily taking up residence in the apartment over my parent’s garage which means we’ve packed everything but the essentials we might need over the next two months.  I’m kind of looking forward to the reset in terms of getting the chance to closely evaluate everything before it gets unpacked when we figure out where we are going to live.

Needless to say there are a lot of unknowns for the coming months but I’m excited to share our waste reducing journey as we navigate through all of it. 2018 was a whirlwind, coming and going in the blink of an eye. Many of the goals I’d set out to accomplish for the year were met such as spending more time with family and friends and making time for reading. We tried to choose used over new but there were a few flops here and there…like a screened door (bought in hopes of turning off our air more often) that ended up sitting outside, getting warped and not fitting well when we finally tried to install the thing so never ended up actually getting installed. We built more raised beds and expanded our planting selection then learned a lot about pests in the process.

I’m going to miss these beds when we go, but am excited about getting a new garden started once we find our new home. As far as my list of goals for reducing my digital clutter and trying to get our footprint down further, it continues to be a work in progress. The road to less waste can be a tiresome and discouraging one, particularly when it sometimes feels like you’re constantly working against an undefeatable current but I’d say after a couple of months of floating I’m feeling much more reenergized and ready to get back to swimming towards a cleaner, simpler and less wasteful future!

xo, Erica