May Recap & June Goals

Happy Friday!! Another month has come and gone so its time for another progress report. šŸ™‚ Just like April, May was quite the productive one. Over the course of those 31 days we…

– Planted our veggie garden…finally! (more on that below!)
– Changed to a different composting system (so far so good!!)
– Started cloth diapering (and had our first weekend away using them!)

and I…
– Put waste saving tricks to work during a girls vacay to Montreal (come back to read about that next week!)
– Made my first batch of homemade crackers and buns (which I failed to document the end products in any way other than Instastories…guess I’ll just have to make more!)

Now let’s take a look at spending…

– Stash of cloth diapers – used
– 6 liner inserts for Flip cloth diaper covers – new
– 1 eye primer, 2 eye shadows, 1 mascara – new
– 1 stainless water bottle – new
– 1 glass water bottle – used
– ZERO clothes or accessories!

Most of May’s purchases were made in effort to reduce waste in the long run and if you think about it I don’t log disposable diapers or beverages on my monthly shopping list so pretty much the only “purchases” were related to makeup (wahoo!!). My eye makeup was waaaaaay beyond any recommended guidelines for use, especially the mascara which was over a year old and apparently has the shortest lifespan of any cosmetic product (3-6 months). As I was packing for my trip to Montreal early in the month I realized it was time to update these products since I knew I would be using them while I was up there (gotta look freshy-fresh for thoseĀ travel pics, right?). Ā I stopped by my localĀ MAC counter first, as I have been a user of their products for the last 7 years. Not only are they cruelty free and don’t test their products on animals but they also have a recycling program for their containers. Since MAC didn’t have the mascara I wanted in stock, I decided to check out Lush, who is best known for their handmade products. Like MAC, Lush does not test on animals and recycles their containers if you bring them back into the store. The coolest thing that I learned while I was there, and probably what sold me on buying their mascara, is that when used containers are brought back in to be recycled, the mascara brush is sent off to aid animal rescue workers clean up animals affected by oil spills!

I purchased theĀ stainless water bottle when my old plastic one had beenĀ held captive by my sister-in-law for several weeks (just kidding, I left it in her car and couldn’t coordinate a reunion). The glass one was just a lucky thrift store find, snatching it up for $1.25 as opposed to the $15 or more it normally costs. While the second bottle wasn’t necessarily necessary, it seemed like a worthwhile investment for something that will last me for a long while and isn’t, well…plastic. Ā Sure, replacing something that doesn’t need to be replaced might be wasteful but the glass bottle was used and I’ll donate my old plastic one so we’ll go ahead and consider that a fair trade. šŸ˜‰

Really happy that we decided to finally take the leap into cloth diapering, because it really didn’t result inĀ toooo much of a lifestyle change. I had to pull the ol’ diaper bag back down from out of the attic to make carrying everything much easier. We have had a few more leaks but I’m trying to be a lot more proactive about staying on top of changing her on a more frequent basis and now make sure to have at least one change of clothes when we go out. Ā She’s continued to wear disposable diapers at night as several cloth diapering moms have said they do this to avoid the overnight leaks since cloth diapers didn’t hold well enough for their little ones. I believe it too because I’ve had to change sheets several times after a long nap has resulted in a flooded cloth diaper. There has also been the occasional need for disposable backup toĀ hold us over between washings as I continue to work to get the timing right but overall there has been a decline in the number of diapers headed to the trash, which has been nice to see that is fo’ sho’!

My goal for May was to get some veggies into the ground and by-golly that is what we did!

We ordered a soil/compost mix from a local nursery to fill the garden bed and to use for planting several of our vegetables directly into the ground. Ā Green bean and carrot seeds were planted in the raised vegetable bed along with a cherry tomato starter plant. Due to space we decide to plant the green, red and yellow bell peppers along with jalapeƱo peppers, two cucumber starter plants andĀ leftover carrot seeds individually into the ground. Ā We got two beefstake tomato plants from a family friend Mother’s day weekend and planted them in some old plastic pots on our porch and I picked up a strawberry plant to see if it would grow in a pot on my porch as well.

The first sighting of our green beans and carrot tops!!

It has been exciting to watch everything grow day by day!!

We didn’t initially put anything in for the cucumber plants to grow up when they were planted feeling okay with them growing on the ground. But once I saw these little guys throwing out vines looking for something to climb up I felt like we needed to put some sort of system in place (that and I was worried about the cucumbers rotting by being on the ground). Ā Talk about jerry-rigging at its finest! I’m pretty impressed with what my husband was able to come up just by using materials we had around the house.

This lattice was actually given to me by a close friend. She was coming over to borrow some baby stuff from me and we were looking for something to use with the tomatoes (we ended up stringing them up instead) and she happened to have this! Perfect example of community sharing. šŸ™‚

Now all that’s left to do is water, weed, and wait. šŸ™‚

We also started trying to grow some orange and purple sweet potato slips. The orange did not do so hot, as their bottoms rotted out but the purple guys are still going strong! I know we have a looooooong ways to go until we can plant these little suckers based on what we’ve read, so I’m just hoping we get there before the growing window has closed.

Sadly, I haven’t yet broken out the sewing machine with so many things going on this past month. Ā BUT this leads me to my goal for June…

Sew something. Anything. Doesn’t matter what it is, all I want is to break out that bad boy and take it for a spin!

It has been 6 months since starting on this journey and I have already learned so much, tried so many new things and feel like our home has come so far during this time! Come back Monday for a more in depth reflection into how things have been progressing, challenges faced, and general observations made along the way.

Thanks again for stopping by!!

xo, Erica


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  1. Look at your garden grow!! Yayyy! I did hold that bottle hostage haha! My b. I’m glad cloth diapering is going well! Thats pretty awesome you found that glass bottle at a thrift store, such a steal and you gave it new life, those glass ones are expensive. You go boo!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by today sista!! I’m so excited about the garden – I was showing everything to M while he was here earlier. I was like “look tiny jalapeƱos, look tiny tomatoes, look I think I see tiny cucumbers!!!!” šŸ™‚ Aaaaand then I showed him the compost bin… lol And yea wasn’t that glass bottle such a sweet find?! It was definitely meant to be, hehe.

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