March Wrap-Up & Purchase Recap

And just like that March has come and gone…

Remember when I said February is the hardest month of the year? Somehow I manage to forget that March can be quite the struggle too when Spring is there staring you right in the face yet at the same time its 30/40 degrees and snowing. Talk about a tease! Most of the month was spent dragging myself through the wintertime finish line. I’m pretty sure most everyone was feeling this way too as most friends I’d talked to have mentioned having that itch towards the end of the month where if it didn’t warm up soon they were going to lose it.

I read a post once that point out that during winter most everything slows and dies. Animals go into hibernation, leaves die and the world essentially goes quiet…except for us.  We push push push through when maybe there is a reason the only thing we really feel like doing is laying on the couch (that and the lack of sunlight being absorbed through our eyes and skin).  I thought this was a great reminder for when we’re not feeling at the top of our game during those long, cold, dark days.

You may have noticed I didn’t set a challenge for the month of March. Throughout February I couldn’t shake the feeling of being tired, unmotivated and creatively blocked.  For the month of March I decided to give myself a bit of a break. At first I was going to take a complete digital detox for the entire month but then didn’t want to box myself into a full on restriction. I didn’t want to disappear, I just didn’t want to have anything on the calendar requiring my attention. So, while I’ve been on and off social media throughout the month, I’ve otherwise been relatively absent.

It was actually quite nice being a little slackerish, particularly as my mojo was severely impeded from the lack of sunlight and warmth in my life. Luckily by last week temperatures started to rise, leaving me feeling foot loose, fancy free and ready to get back into action!

There were a few milestones and fun moments that I thought I’d share as we look back at March:


Celebrated the blog’s one year anniversary!

Toured a local, sustainably minded brewery with other members of the waste reducing community.

Overnight trip to the beach for some sand and sun (and of course litter pickup). Even though it was quite chilly it was fun having no agenda with nowhere to be so teenie could just explore and play in her own way.

Finished reading a couple of books (that’s right…plural)!

Backyard Easter egg hunt (re)using eggs snatched from my nephews leftover stash last year (thanks to my SIL for sharing with us) and some items from around the home, including pictures of teenie’s favorite marine life cut from an old calendar.

We got a rain barrel thanks to friends who were looking to find it a new home!

Started using a stainless steel safety razor handed down to me from my dad. The first use reminded me of my first time shaving with a few nicks here and there but the second time went much more smoothly.

Experimented with some delicious food combinations. (Left to Right: 1. Pureed beets & carrots mixed with couscous and lentils topped with shredded cheese & avocado on cabbage. 2. Kale eggs with sweet potatoes. 3. Roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas drizzled with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sautéed kale & red onion.)

Family hayride at Polyface Farms with Joel Salatin, writer of “Folks This ‘Aint Normal.”

Pretty great month! Still haven’t done much with the garden yet besides weed out our existing beds but we’ve talked about building additional ones this season so hoping to do that soon. Stay tuned for a wrap up on the fall/winter garden.

I didn’t purchase much of anything in March. The only shopping I did was early on then that was that for the rest of it. We didn’t buy anything for Easter (teenie gets more than plenty from family) and there wasn’t anything I wanted or needed, so going shopping anywhere beyond the grocery store didn’t even cross my mind during the latter half.  I did make two attempts at looking through secondhand clothing early on but my interest faded quickly each time, as did that of my busy toddler, so the closet fast continues!! So far I’m still happy with all of the clothes in my closet though I’m becoming more aware of the fact that what I’m wearing is from two years ago and beyond.  At this point I’m basically just keeping myself open to secondhand finds as they arise but not on a hunt for anything in particular (besides tennis shoes made of recycled materials which apparently doesn’t exist).

March purchases:

1 pack of cloth diaper folds (new)
4 toddler tops (used)

I mentioned in the last post that I’d started using cloth diaper folds in lieu of a bath mat to make life easier, since our bath mat would always wind up getting dirty when on the floor. I already had several cloth folds but since we have two bathrooms I went ahead and bought an additional pack to ensure there were enough to get us between washes.  This system has made the process of keeping our floor at least semi “mopped” much easier and has eliminated the bath mat problem!!

Since teenie is growing at warp speed and we’ve run out of our hand-me-downs stash for her current size, I picked up a few short sleeved tops secondhand in anticipation of the warmer months. This actually included a rash guard to keep her shoulders covered for long days at the beach, river or pool! 🙂

Not shopping this month has been great for the budget. It’s nice to know when dropping money on upcoming events (and car maintenance…blah) that I haven’t been spending a lot of money on extra things. This is good too seeing as April is going to be jam packed full of fun!! Not only is it the month of my birthday (and Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week) but I’ll also be headed to San Francisco for a girls trip at the end!

This month I don’t have a day to day challenge but there are several things I would like to accomplish:

– Get garden & up and running
– Install rain barrel & a screen door

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and that your April is getting off to a great start!

xo, Erica