Making Your Own ABC Picture Book

Yo, parents! Ever run into the frustration of trying to teach ABC’s to your kiddos but the books you have are filled words they don’t yet recognize? This was always frustrating to me. It’s like my kid doesn’t know what ice cream is, so how is she supposed to understand that picture or make the connection to the letter “i”? Ice (as in cubes) however – that my girl gets. Recently I put together an ABC book using pictures of things that I knew she’d recognize. Using a stack of old magazines, teenie and I went through to identify the images that she knew the words to. Anything she was able to identify came out of the magazine to be used for the book.

As part of our homebound, potty training activities, I went through and wrote a capital and lower case letter on a page of paper. Teenie attempted to “help” on many of the pages but I figured it didn’t need to be perfect. She’d get the idea and the more exposure to each letter the better right? Once she was asleep I cut out and glued on the pictures, writing the word for each underneath. Since not able to find a picture for every letter, some were drawn by hand by myself or the artistic assistance of my mom.

After cutting/glueing or drawing each pic, the book was complete and ready to be bound. I pulled out my trusty hole punch that has been in my possession since at LEAST college, punched a series of holes down one side and threaded it an old shoe lace. Viola! Sure, it looks like something my kid herself put together but thats ok! The whole point was to create what I wanted, using materials that were on hand. 🙂

Are there any fun repurposing activities that you’ve done for the kiddos in your life that you’d like to share with the class? 😉

xo, Erica

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  1. Such a cute idea!!

    1. Thank you sista! ☺️

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