Keeping It In The Family

How was your Easter weekend? The weather was absolutely gorgeous here so we spend as much time as possible soaking in great outdoors and breathing in all that fresh spring air!

Last week I told you about how my mother-in-law came across the Easter dress of my sister-in-law (and former blog partner), Brooke, that she wore back when she was about my daughters age. Since Brooke is the mother of two handsome boys and no girls, she shared her keepsake with little Miss A to wear on this special holiday.

Check out this blast from the past: Brooke with my hubs and momma-in-law, all sporting their Easter best.

This same dress being given a second life 28 years later. 🙂

Since Aubrey’s outfit changed, mom’s did too! I snagged this tie-bow dress last year at a local thrift and just love its golden yellow color that compliments the yellow in A’s dress perfectly.

I’m a big sucker for sentimental stuff that has a story behind it. This is the ultimate hand-me-down for me because not only is it reusing a previously worn article of clothing, but the fact that it was once worn years ago by my daughter’s aunt makes it even better. You can catch up on Brooke’s story about the revival of this old school Easter dress in her weekend update on Pumps & Push-Ups!

Do you have any clothes that your parents saved from your childhood that you have passed on to be reused by your kiddos or other close family members?

xo, Erica

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12 Replies to “Keeping It In The Family”

  1. Awww your weekend looks like it was such a blast! I love the little one she is so darn cute!

    1. Thanks girlie!! ☺ I want her to stay this cute and tiny forever!!!

  2. That is really so awesome, I am a sucker for a good sentimental gift.

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    1. Me too girl! My mom was always good about giving gifts with meaning when I was growing up so appreciation for the sentimental stuff is pretty much ingrained in me. 🙂

  3. I am glad you two posted about this. Such an awesome collaboration with Brooke and great dress for Aubrey, too. I also love your dress Erica. I love your idea of this new blog and recycling more, giving life to ‘old’ things and such.

    I had so much fun collaborating with you on our Mommy+Mini post too. I’d love for you to linkup this style post with me this Thursday. You both are looking beautiful Erica.

    Happy belated Easter! <3 Ada.

    1. Thank you Ada! I’m so glad you stopped by! I had a lot of fun doing our Mommy + Me collab and would love to link up with you Thursday. ?

  4. how cute is her dress? I still have some old Easter baby bonnets and such love the pastel gingham print!


    1. Awww thats awesome! Have you been able to pass them on? 🙂

    2. I featured you Erica on my recent post as one of my most favorite mom bloggers. Please check it out (link below) and if you like you can join my Thursday Moda linkup too, pretty mama.

      Happy Mother’s Day! <3 Ada.

      1. Awww Ada!! Thank you so much for that sweet feature, it means so much to me!! ?☺️?

  5. When I saw this link in the link-up, I was like OMG someone’s house looks just like mine!! Haha!! Love youuuu!


    1. lol thats so funny 🙂 Love you girl!!

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