June Journey Recap

Hey guys!! Well it appears that I’ve reached an all time high in the absence category around here, haven’t I? After nearly a month of falling off the grid, I do return! In all actuality, my last post is what fell off the grid, so even though it appears as if I’ve been awol for an entire month, its really only been a smidge under three weeks (who are we kidding, that is still too crazy long).  There is a good excuse though!  I recently made some much needed updates to my server and with that any post revisions made during this period (pretty much the entire post) were lost once everything was said and done. Silly me, obviously I did not learn my lesson the last time I went through this exact same situation back during my days on P&P, haha.

Anyhow, with all these updates going on, combined with the constant game of catch-up that is summer, posts have been even more scarce than normal. But now that the server situation is situated and things are running much more smoothly, I’m ready to kick things into full gear. Like a warrior ninja with the grace of a wilder beast, I’ll be tackling the list of posts that I’ve been itching to share over the last couple of months. Expect to start seeing more from me around here with better predictability. Updates will come more as they occur instead of one loooooong monthly review. There are so many details that happen along the way that I feel end up getting lost when everything is summarized all at once.  Of course, there will continue be a monthly recap for the remainder of the year as a way to look back at each month’s progress and report back on how things are going with my shopping goals.

If you haven’t already noticed the blog also got a bit of a facelift this past week and I finally got around to adding a subscribe button, so please sign up if you’re interested in having alerts about new posts sent to your inbox!

Now onto a brief recap of June…

As you can imagine, June did what all summer months do and just breezed right on by. It felt like not too long after writing the May update that I was looking at my calendar with less than a week left in the month. Five days left of June and I had still yet to pull that sewing machine out of the box to try it out. I set out to get it done by the end of the week…it was going to happen…I was going to meet my goal. Well folks, I didn’t. Days got busy, and the summertime procrastination monster won.  June was a whirlwind, and mostly a test of putting my newly acquired, waste fighting skills to work while on the road or out and about. Between camping, a week at the family river cottage, and trips to our local amusement park, there were plenty of opportunities for waste but I tried my best to avoid it.

I started trying out bar shampoo but haven’t been using it long enough to weigh in on it yet. There was one swap I made during June that I could weigh in on but I’m saving that for another day, so you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

As far as spending goes beyond those everyday essentials, the only purchases were three used (but like-new) pairs of shoes for teenie. When she started regularly pointing to and repeating the word “toes” in her other shoes, I knew it was time to size up. I found two pairs at a kid’s secondhand clothing store and the third pair at another local thrift shop! Since I know that used shoes aren’t generally recommended in toddlers (because they are molded to the previous wearers feet), I knew I might have to buy a new pair as her primary shoes. But I kept putting it off (not buying things new can be quite addicting) and eventually found a pair of tennis shoes that appeared to have been barely worn so I went for it.  Yay!

Even though we’re already half way through July, I’m really hoping to get that sewing machine up and running for reals by the end of the month.

In the mean time, I’ll be sharing updates about our veggie garden on Monday so be sure to check that out!

xo, Erica