July Purchases Recap

Ok, so now its August and I’m officially 7 months through my journey goals for 2017 of no personal consumption and attempting to buy new only when necessary.

July seemed to kind of take a nosedive on the new purchases and waste front. In anticipation of potty training in teenie’s future, I purchased a potty for her (sidebar: does anyone else get that same nails on a chalkboard feeling that some people get with another “p” word when they hear the word potty? Just me? Ok cool, let’s proceed…). I wanted to have it for when the time comes and my attempts at finding it used at yard sales and thrift stores had all failed. While its not like I’d been spending every Saturday morning trolling yard sales, I have spent at least 3 months keeping an eye out (as has my mother who is frequently shopping second hand). Then I tried asking a friend whose daughter had finished potty training a while back, but she had already handed it down to a family member. There were a few on eBay but many of them were more expensive when combined with shipping costs and they often come without any sort of return guarantee which just leads me to feel apprehensive. My only experience with eBay was when we tried to bid on a lot of cloth diapers but that took several days for the bidding to close and in the end we lost out so I’m not a huge fan of the eBay system yet. So then I took to Amazon thinking okay well I would try to find the best option based on recommendations given by a book I was reading. I ordered what I thought was one with an reusable insert but it turned out to just be the insert. Not really excited by what I saw with just the insert and knowing I’d have to have something else shipped to me regardless, I bought a different brand and plan to return the other one using a box we have.

Since we spend a lot of time around the water, we had to cave and get teenie a life vest. I’d hate to deprive her from getting introduced to swimming early, simply to avoid buying a life vest. My hope was to buy one used. I called a local used sporting goods store and had my mom keep an eye out at yard sales, all with no luck. I tried to even order used on Amazon since they have started offering that but the order was cancelled saying it was out of stock. This same thing happened when we tried to purchase a sewing machine used on Amazon, so needless to say, their used stock tracking system needs some work.  My husband was the one who got the email about the cancellation so he just went ahead and just bought a new one, whereas I may have tried to find another used one on there. In the end it’s fine, I tried, teenie is getting her swim time on and I can try to donate it forward when she outgrows it which won’t be for a while.

Two kitchen swaps were made this month with compostable dish brushes! After doing research these seemed like my best option since the options I’ve seen in stores often contain plastic, so they were purchased online through Amazon.  I was a little bummed out that they came packaged in plastic sleeves, which totally negated the positive impact I was trying to achieve by purchasing these brushes but you live and you learn, right? I’ll just have to keep my eyes open for a better option to use next time. 🙂

Whew, that all sounds like a whole lot of #momlife doesn’t it? Potty chairs, swimmers, kitchen brushes, sewing machines…

Speaking of sewing machines, come back next week to see how things went when I finally broke out mine.

As far as clothing shopping goes, it has been a little more challenging this season. There are only a few shorts that fit me well and many of the tank tops I have are polyester which just doesn’t appeal to me on a hot summer day. So I pretty much wear the same shorts and shirts over and over again. But it works; I don’t feel deprived and I guess it kind of forces me into thinking more about working towards a minimalist wardrobe. While, I’ve continued to weed tops, bottoms and shoes from my closet and drawers to reduce clutter, there is still a long way left to go. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my post about the startling number of shoes I have in my closet!

One evening as I was weeding out a few pairs of shoes I decided to do a count. Not counting the three pair I had just removed, there were 30 pairs in my closet. 30?!?!?! That’s insane. How did I have so many shoes? I haven’t been buying any. The only pair of shoes that I allowed myself this year was a pair of running shoes for support. Other than that, nothing since December.  That night I weeded out like 5 more pairs.  In reality, this isn’t all that much of a revelation.  I have always been someone to hold on to things clothes and shoes because I don’t want to find out I need it later and then have to buy it again.  I have clothes in my closet that have been there for years and have barely worn but I hang on to them because they are nice brands. I have a lot of stuff that was nice, I never wore it because I didn’t want to mess it up but now the trend has passed or it doesn’t fit my age/mom life.  I’m a total closet hoarding stereotype, haha.  But no more!  Time to really get down and dirty.  Stay tuned for updates and maybe an end game closet reveal.  🙂

Not too thrilled that I made so many online purchases this month, as this feels like the extreme opposite direction of where I’m trying to go in terms of reducing my environmental footprint.  Luckily I don’t really see a need for many more online purchases for a while!

Happy Wednesday,


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  1. I love the idea of a monthly consumption post! It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and inspire others at the same time! I might have to try that on my site sometime!

    1. Thanks girlie, that’s what I thought too! Anytime I buy anything I think about whether I can properly justify this on the blog and think about all the counterarguments as to whether its actually necessary or if there are any alternative options. A lot of times it has helped me realize I could make due by using something else I already own. You totally should try it because having to list off your purchases to others definitely helps make the process of consumption for conscious! Let me know if you do so I don’t miss it. 🙂

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