Four Days In Boston

Happy Friday!! What better way to head into the weekend than to talk about fun things like travel, adventure and sustainable exploration. 🙂 Last week I reunited with a good friend of mine who lives way across the country in Cali for a girls weekend in Boston. Not only that but we also got to reunite with some other friends at that time as well. These gals are all friends I made during a summer study abroad trip that I took four summers ago while I was in grad school. There are a group of us who continue to remain friends, connecting as often as we can whether it be by Google chat or even better, the periodic girls weekend!  I love having this group of friends because not only do they share the same enthusiasm for seeing the world, but we all travel quite similarly.  My friend and I chose Boston for two reasons: First we needed to pick somewhere that had a direct flight option from California, which for only four days was essential, and was affordable.  The second was because it was on my bucket list.  I had always wanted to visit Boston, see “Cheers” and all that.  My friend was pretty open to anything, so Boston it was! Plus one of our traveling buds lived up there so we knew we’d get the chance to visit with her if we went there. The best part about this trip is that while we went in with it being 4 days in Boston – it really turned into 4 days in Massachusetts. We ended up taking a day trip out of the city to visit two other places that had also been on my bucket list: Salem and Rockport (or rather a New England fishing town). I didn’t even realize how close we were to one until we decided to rent a car to drive up to Salem and my friend started looking at other places with could also see nearby! In a nutshell this trip was amazing – we saw and did so much. Today I’m going to give you a little tour of the areas we visited and share all the wonderful things we encountered along the way. Now buckle up and let’s do this! 🙂


Boston Public Garden
“Make Way For Ducklings”
Built in 1867, this bridge was the world’s shortest suspension bridge until it was converted into a girder bridge.
How pretty is this? There’s just something so naturally lovely about a building covered in greenery!
Facade used in the TV show!
Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston

You know we had to stop by the New England Aquarium.

The aquarium did not miss any opportunity to educate visitors about their impact. I loved their idea of “live blue” – live in a way that supports the our big blue ocean.
Practicing what they preach – love it!

Was excited to see lots of “green” things around the city!

Getting around sustainably!

1 – Boston’s subway system is a breeze!
2 – Bike Rentals
3 – Even the taxi cabs are green!


Salem Witch Museum
Oldest cemetery in Salem

A few of those sustainable things…

1 – Neighborhood libraries like this are a great way to keep books in circulation.
2 – Saw some To-Go Ware in a little gift shop, made me smile.
3 – These creepy dolls are the stuff nightmares are made of but are being sold second hand.

Had to make a stop by Melt for a little treat before hitting the road (and of course get it in a cone to minimize waste)! 😉

Homemade ice cream using locally produced chocolate!

Seen on the way to our next destination: windmills!!!


How gorgeous is this place?! Major bucket list item; so excited to have checked off! 🙂



I kept seeing so much garbage lining the waterways while we were walking around, I couldn’t NOT clean up at least a little bit. Luckily I was in great company as my friend was totally down with doing an impromptu garbage pickup. We didn’t have anything to collect all the garbage so we had to use some doggie poop bags that were available by the beach.

Look at all the little pieces of garbage. 🙁
5 bags, tons of rope and two (completely different) shoes later…



Another must see for me: this rooftop garden!!

Wasting Less While Traveling

Be prepared with a go pack with cloth napkin, fork, & spoon, mason jar and snacks for the plane!
Look for disposable free ways to stay hydrated if you forget to bring your container along with you!
Pack your own toiletries instead of using the hotels! According to hotel where we stayed, untouched toiletries will remain for the next guest to use! 🙂

Boston Logan International Airport

I was pretty psyched to get off the plane and immediately see a water bottle refill fountain! What a great way to encourage reusable containers during travel.
As we were headed through security this caught my attention. Super smart to have a receptacle to dump liquids into so your container can be recycled if its disposable or saved if its reusable!
Having your own container means you get through that final stretch of travel without the trash.

Hope you enjoyed this little recap! If you’ve never been to Boston before, I highly recommend putting it on your list.

xo, Erica

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  1. Thanks for making the effort – it makes a bigger difference than you know! Leaving things better than you found them as you move through the world. And great travel tips – that could be its own post!

    1. I agree!! If everyone spent a few minutes picking up the trash left behind not only would the world be a cleaner place but it might help inspire others to not throw their stuff on the ground. Wishful thinking maybe but you can never underestimate the power of herd mentality. Thank you! I definitely plan to put together one all inclusive travel tips post soon. I’m about culminate my travels for the year with our first family trip by plane with the teenie one so it’ll bring together all the travel stuff for the ultimate test, lol.

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