February Purchase Recap

January left me totally burnt out on acquiring stuff and feeling hyper vigilant to do more paring down in order to restore the balance. I knew going into February that I wasn’t going to buy much of anything if I could help it. That being said, there were a couple of days where that old impulse to shop came over at me but after reminding myself that I didn’t need whatever I was trying to tell myself that I needed, the impulse quickly subsided. Honestly I think these pangs mostly arose out of sheer boredom which is something I’m sure most people can relate to. Shopping (even secondhand) often gets used as a way to get a boost of excitement when things are down or for something to do when its cold and dreary out. I’m still susceptible to the impulse even after a year of changing my shopping habits but through simplifying those impulses are getting further in between and much easier to stifle (yay!).

February purchases:

3 pairs of toddler jeans – used

1 pair of toddler shoes – used

The only purchases made this month were for my teenie one.  The jeans were actually a move to simplify her wardrobe. With most of her closet being hand-me-downs (I love our friends), she had several pairs of pants that only went with one top in her closet.   In trying to maximize her outfit selection while saving on space, I went and got a few pairs of jeans (really they are jeggings) and now her pants selection is much more versatile. Hooray! The mismatching pants were then packed away into a bag of clothes to be passed on to a friend who might be able to use them with her daughter.

During that particular shopping trip I wasn’t planning on getting anything else but teenie wanted to go through the shoes (girlfriend has a thing for boots and flip flops). I entertained her wishes, figuring I’d poke around the bins to see if there were any pairs worth snagging. That’s when I stumbled on a pair of Vans that were practically the carbon copy of the pair I own…in her size. It was pretty much meant to be.  While these shoes weren’t exactly needed, they worked out well because the pair that had been previously designated as her nicer pair of shoes ended up getting muddy one day when playing on a river beach and were always falling off her feet anyway. So now she has one pair of mudding around shoes, one pair of tennis shoes for playing and one pair of nice shoes for going out and about places. And now we can match…so there’s that. 😉

We also bought a seat cover for my car. That possibly qualifies under the purchase log but we saw it as necessary for car maintenance – taking care of something we own (since parent cars somehow tend to get trashed).

That’s it!! I still haven’t bought any clothes believe it or not and actually removed two more tops from my closet.  I’m realizing I might need to replace my tennis shoes soon since its been a year and they are starting to feel like they’re wearing down. If you know of any great tennis shoe brands made from recycled or more sustainable materials please let me know! 🙂

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Come back Friday for a look at Positivity February!!

xo, Erica