Easter Mommy & Me Collab

If you didn’t already know, I used to blog regularly with my sister-in-law, Brooke, on Pumps & Push-Ups, where I contributed nutrition advice in addition to writing about fitness and fashion. Through this experience we made some wonderful friends, many of which we collaborated with for various blog posts. This year I joined back up Brooke, who continues to run P&P, and some of our blog buddies, along with their cutie pie wee ones, for another edition of Easter Mommy & Me!

Just because you aren’t wearing anything new, doesn’t mean you can’t care about your style! This year I have decided to remix last year’s Easter dress for a little more laid back look.

Check out the looks of these hot mommas and use their inspo to shop your closet this Easter weekend. ?


Our church has a special Resurrection service and is hosting a coffee and doughnut fellowship time along with family picture time (photographers will come to the church and photograph families). We will also be attending numerous egg hunts and a few family meals.”
“This is our first Easter as a family of four, so I was excited to have two little ones to coordinate this year. We got family pictures taken with my husband’s side of the family last weekend, so our outfits did double duty. Everyone wore denim and pastel colors for the pictures, so that worked out pretty perfectly for Easter as well. We are ready to go to Sunrise Easter service at our church, and then head home to see what the Easter Bunny brought!”


Easter is such a special time. We’re so looking forward to fun baskets full of outdoor toys, egg hunts and a fun family BBQ. Most important of all, I love sharing the resurrection story with my boys and spending the morning in church!”
“For Easter Sunday we will be going to church and then Vivian will have an egg hunt in our front yard and later will open her basket of goodies to see what Easter Bunny brought her. We coordinated our pastels together. I am wearing a dove blue+white striped cold-shoulder ruffle dress while she has on a mint sundress and blush pink suede sneakers that match the blush pink dots of her white tights. Happy Easter Ladies!”
“This Easter, Aubrey and I will be wearing everything used! Missy A is wearing an outfit that was handed down to her by some sweet friends of ours whose daughter is a year older and have been so kind as to pass all her outgrown clothes on to us. She loves these baby doll style of shoes and gets really excited when she gets to wear them. You may recognize the dress I’m wearing from last year’s mommy & me collab! Since this year I have resolved to add nothing new to my closet, I’ll be sporting this casual favorite of mine in a new way as we celebrate the day with family.”


“The girls are rocking some one-shoulder seersucker dresses handmade by their grandmother. I’m wearing a coral Altar’d State dress from my closet that works well with the floral colors of their dress. We are really looking forward to spending time with family this Easter. And while we do participate in a few Easter egg hunts, I am trying my best to keep this holiday about Jesus. Happy Easter, everyone!” 
Although Easter is a casual holiday in my family, I do like to look put together.  I love the idea of wearing whites, pastels, and florals for the holiday, so this year I’m going with a little white dress.  To match my boys, I will be dressing them in my favorite white button down from the GAP, and finishing their outfit with jeans and sneakers.  I want them to be comfortable since I know they will be running around outside all day, and hunting for Easter eggs, so dressing up their sneakers and jeans is a perfect solution.”


Thanks to Ada for getting this collaboration together again!

I hope everyone’s Easter weekend is packed full of moments with your loved ones!  We won’t be doing anything as far as a basket goes but may try to come up with an eco-friendly option for an egg hunt. ?

My mother-in-law found Brooke’s Easter dress from when she was Aubrey’s age so we are going to play dress up this weekend and see if it fits her! Stop back Monday for a behind the scenes glimpse back into time.

xo, Erica

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  1. I love that you decided to wear the same dress, Erica!!
    I think it’s the perfect way to get lots of use from what we already have!!

    1. Yay! Thanks Jodie!!! I agree 🙂

  2. That is a great dress, and why not wear it again? I wore a new shirt for my post, but will likely wear an old dress on Easter. The pieces that I love I wear over and over. I hope you have a great Easter!

    1. Thank you Shea and thank you so much for stopping by!! I agree those favorite pieces are favorites for a reason so gotta get all the use you can out of them! 🙂

  3. I love your dress! I too gravitate toward simple colors and designs that look good year after year.

    1. Thanks Celia! Gotta love those classics. I appreciate you stopping by!! ?

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