Composting Update

A little over two weeks ago, we dug a hole in the back yard for composting. This idea came about after polling people for different suggestions on Instagram. To me I thought this would be the best route to try first because it relied on zero equipment (except a lid which I already had access to), eliminated the cons associated with the other options and seemed like the best way to get our compost materials to rot quickly.

Weeeeell, it pretty much ended up being a fail for us. Last week we had multiple days in a row of rain and afterwards this hole was full of water.

This picture was actually taken 5 days after the rain had stopped and the water had barely budged.  I think this is simply the result of our yard being so flat. Apparently our ‘hood used to be swampland before being developed years ago and water pools vary easily, especially in any area that is recessed, anytime it rains for a significant period of time. My husband totally saw this coming but kudos to him for giving it a chance for me.  At this point, the hole is pretty much just a magnet for mosquitos, so we will be filling it in ASAP.

Now onto plan B!!

I decided to go with the storage tub for its simplicity to drill holes into and ease it will have in being moved around. We put holes all throughout the sides and bottom of the tub leaving the top intact to protect it from becoming water logged when it rains.

Once the holes were drilled I started the compost with a layer of shredded paper, then added my compost materials, a little soil, a little more shredded paper then stirred everything around.


Check back for updates on how this turns out!

xo, Erica