April Purchases Recap

Happy May friends! The sun is out and sprits are up as temperatures climbed into the 80’s & 90’s last week & ended with a beautiful weekend perfect for being outside in the garden. April was a busy month. A birthday, a girls trip away to San Francisco. I even gave my first presentation at a conference to fellow dietitians! It was pretty great. And while I didn’t get around to posting nearly as much as I wanted (hello & goodbye Earth Day & Fashion Revolution Week) or get around to everything on my list (i.e. installing our rain barrel) we still managed to get a lot accomplished around here! We built our beds, planted some spring veggies and did a lot of work to clean up our backyard space. I also managed to read an entire book and get about halfway into another which if you read my post about this year’s resolutions, the fact I’ve been making more time for reading these last two months is a major accomplishment.

Now on to what was bought this past month!

Sunglass lenses. Though prone to losing my shades in the past, somehow I’ve managed to hold on to the same pair of sunglasses for well over a year. Maybe it’s because they aren’t just a cheap pair I picked up at Target for $10 but instead required more of an initial investment. They actually used to belong to my husband and while his taste for quality was a trait I didn’t appreciate as much before setting out on this journey, I’ve come to see the value seeing as cheap items often wear out or break more quickly.  That being the case, there are several items he’s purchased over the years that were later replaced by something else. Most often I end up taking ownership of those items, including these sunglasses. After switching over to prescription frames, his fancy shades weren’t being used anymore so I started wearing them myself as my cheaper pairs started sliding down my nose or disappearing. They didn’t look gender specific and stayed on my face better than any pair I’ve ever owned. If you recall from the 2017 wrap-up, the lenses were totally worn out throughout most of the year. They were pretty funky but I wore them anyway because its what I had and they fit great. While I was in San Fran hubs was nice enough to take the time to order some new lenses (which actually took very little time at all) so finally they are like new. Though the lenses were a little pricey, it was cheaper than buying a new pair and allowed me to keep these perfectly good frames in use. If its worth wearing, it’s worth repairing!

Screen door. Another goal I had for last month was to put in a screen door. Well, we got the door but just haven’t had the chance to install it yet. Something is wonky about our door frame so we basically have to find time to take it to my parents to cut it down using a table saw. Since that kind of time has been scarce, it has been sitting in our office, totally not serving the purpose I’d hoped for this season. Hopefully it will before it gets to be too hot and we’ve already invited all the local bugs into our home from leaving the door open without a screen.

Wood to make raised beds. I know we could have probably done this better by finding some sort of material to repurpose but I wanted the clean look of a wooden bed, using lumbar that we knew wasn’t treated with chemicals. We did choose cedar though, which is reportedly more resistant to rot and therefore will last longer. Not going to lie, this route wasn’t cheap. We were going for four squares and ended up changing our plan to two rectangles in order to avoid having to buy two extra pieces of wood. Now I’m probably going to start being a wood hoarder, collecting salvaged untreated timber whenever I can find it, haha.

Soil/compost mix (in bulk) to fill the beds & starter veggies. Not being 100% ready going into the spring season I purchased several starters since I missed the window to do it myself.

Multiple bags of sand to use in building an outdoor patio space using reclaimed bricks dug up from our own yard! While the bags were a way less than desirable side effect, I love that my husband was able to otherwise DIY some additional outdoor living space using mostly materials we already had on hand.

Pedicure supplies. Since I do my own pedicures (which saves me time, money and the waste of not having those little foam thingys stuck between my toes) I needed to update part of my tool kit that had started wearing out.

Shower curtain. This wasn’t my purchase per say but I kind of gave the green light for it even though it wasn’t what I intended. Back in February I eliminated the plastic liner from our shower because it was gross and wanted to see if we could go without it. Yea no. It exists for a reason. Water was getting all over the floor and our cloth shower curtain started turning yellow, because well, mildew knows no limits. Still not wanting to replace it with another plastic version that would require either spraying or taking down off the rings (which is a pain in the butt) to somehow clean regularly, my husband suggested an option he’d seen in hotel rooms where the bottom half could be snapped off and washed. Sounded like a better long term option to me so I gave the go ahead to buy. Unfortunately that’s not what we ended up with. What can I say? Mistakes happen. Sad thing is the metal rings are already starting to come off. I’m pretty sure we (or maybe just me) will look back at this as the great shower curtain debacle of 2018.

So far, I’m now 16 months into not buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories for myself. I’m almost tempted to go the remainder of the year without adding anything more to my closet (besides tennis shoes). Though not sure if I’ll be going that far, it has definitely crossed my mind! I already got through the rough winter months and now heading back to my warm season uniform of shorts, tank tops and flip flops until the last couple of months where it starts to get cold towards the end of the year so it is possible. We shall see…

I acquired a reusable water bottle for being a presenter and a few small things for my birthday but otherwise all other gifts were certificates or money to use during my west coast travels. After reading Soulful Simplicity last month, I’ve been feeling charged up to clean out more things cluttering up our space. It’s a little bit harder now to find things I’m willing to part with but there’s always something around here not adding value to our lives that feels better the moment it’s gone.

Thanks for stopping by for today’s update – always love having you here!

xo, Erica

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  1. Just found your blog from Brooke’s, love it!

    1. Awww thanks girlie! I appreciate you stopping by. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I think it’s a cool idea writing about this to keep a track of what you get during the month!
    The Color Palette

    1. Thank you!!! It’s been a pretty great way to keep tabs on myself from month to month. 🙂

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