Hi there, I’m Erica!

Wife.  Toddler mom.  Registered Dietitian.  Travel enthusiast. Lovah of nature. Chickie on a mission.

Last year I set out on a personal journey to reduce the amount of garbage my house contributes towards the landfill. It all started when the environmentally conscious person I thought I was faced off with the garbage-producing junkie I’d become. My recycling habits were reduced to practically nothing, my shopping habits were getting out of hand, and way too much food was ending up in the garbage. I knew it was time for a change so I set out to improve my waste in 2017. My goals were to buy less, throw away less, choose used when new wasn’t necessary, and no bringing in any clothes, shoes or accessories into my closet for the entire year – new, used or given. 🙂

Over the course of the year I successfully met my closet goal while also learning the in’s and out’s of kicking waste to the curb, gained an understanding about the problems with plastic, the limitations of recycling, and started shopping in a more mindful, sustainably focused manner.

This personal project originally started out as ‘Project Less Waste’ on the blog I co-wrote on with my sister-in-law, Pumps & Push-Ups, before eventually being given its own space. Setting out to make waste reduction a lifestyle, rather than simply a yearlong resolution, the idea for “A Waste Not Kind of Life” was born. Inspired by the old adage, “waste not, want not,” if you’ve never heard of this statement before, basically means that when one does not waste their resources, they will always have what they need and will not find themselves wanting in the future.

While my written goals for the year were specific to reducing garbage waste, there were several side objectives that I’d set out to achieve as a result: minimize and waste less time, money, and energy on things that didn’t matter.  In short, get the most out of every day by wasting less of every thing.  We only have one life and one planet. By making use of resources we already have and learning to simplify, we not only live in a way that is more sustainable, but also can end up with more time, money and energy to spend on doing the things that do matter.  This blog is my continued personal adventure in maximizing our lives, doing my part to help clean up the world around me, teaching my daughter to be a good environmental steward (while also knowing her way around a vegetable) and helping others who are also interested in reducing their waste but don’t know where to start. I’m glad you’re here and hope you enjoy reading about how to live A Waste Not Kind Of Life!

xo, Erica