2017 Garden Wrap-Up

It’s been a while since posting about our garden and figured it was time I did that, particularly since we are rolling into spring planting season and already have ourselves a whole new garden situation to update you on!!

Man, where do I start?!

Our purple sweet potatoes continued to grow up a storm sprouting beautiful purple flowers on their vines towards the end. We kept them in the ground right up until the evening before the first frost. The shoots we planted grew quite a few potatoes, though a bit smaller than we’d thought they might be. It may have been because we got them into the ground late but its all good because they still lasted us for quite a while in the cupboard, with the last potato being cooked in February!

The cherry tomatoes, basil & pepper plants all died immediately with the first frost. It was pretty interesting to see how dramatic of a change they made overnight (and kinda gross). Goes to show how those particular plants are DEFINITELY warm weather plants in comparison to kale, broccoli, carrots and cabbage that like the cooler temps.

We got one little green bell pepper and a few jalapeños before the frost took those plants.

The last of our carrots were harvested mid-December. They didn’t really get too much bigger from the size they were at the last update but instead the small ones caught up to where they all were edible portions.

I realized sometime around November that the middle “broccoli” planted back in September was in fact cabbage. Really, my dad was the one who pointed it out but it wasn’t until it had grown more that I finally came to terms with the fact that he was right. The label must have got mixed up or it could have just been sitting near the broccoli and I wasn’t paying attention. Either way, it allowed me to see how cabbage gets its start even though it never made it to the point of growing a head.

One of the two broccoli plants grew a very small broccoli head that was super cute and really neat to see. Unfortunately though after making it through much of the cold temperatures, it started to die off after the January round of snow and below freezing temps.

The broccoli and cabbage both seemed to grow in super slow motion, not making a lot of progress from the size they were at the time they were planted. I’m not sure if it was because of the spacing, soil, neighboring plants or what but I’ll be interested to see what happens next time I try growing them.

Kale has really been the true champion, making it through all the snows and arctic chill. While it slowed down a bit during the coldest parts it still held on and now is starting to pick back up with growth. I basically neglected it for most of the season thinking it was going to die off like the broccoli and cabbage but once I realized it was going to make it I just plucked off the yellowing or dead leaves and it just kept doing its thing. I’m really eager to see how it flourishes over the coming months!

Though going into the new spring season I’ve still found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with how little I know about this whole gardening thing, it’s nice that things feel like they are starting to click a bit since I can now put into context stuff I’ve read that last year went right on over my head. So while still very much a novice grower and will likely be depending on starters for much of the upcoming season, I feel a lot more ready to take over the reins of planning and getting stuff into the ground myself (whereas last year I had a lot of hand holding from my husband who’s had some experience with veggie gardening). Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing updates about our 2018 garden setup here soon!!

xo, Erica