10 Ways To Be Greener This St. Patty’s Day

Green beer, green planet…bring on the green!! 🙂

Make Every Day A Green Day

1. Get your recycling up and running: order cans from your local recycling pickup or find out where you can drop off your recyclables if pickup isn’t available where you live. Come back Monday to learn more about what happens to your recyclables once they leave the curbside!

2. Don’t litter! Garbage is more than about what ends up in a landfill. It’s about what never even makes it into a trash can or recycling bin but instead ends up on the ground or in our waterways posing a threat to neighboring wildlife. Take the few extra seconds to dispose of trash/recyclables properly. Keep a small bag in your car (or can if you are a smoker) to have on hand for garbage as it arises.

3. Take it a step further and pick up trash when you see it! Instead of passing it by, take a moment and pick it up. You can even make it a family activity! Head out in search of trash and see who can collect the most.

4. Say no to plastic bags. Given the light and airy nature of plastic bags, they end up floating into the environment, getting tangled in trees or ending up in waterways and oceans, resulting in the deaths of thousands of marine animals and millions of birds along the way.  You can make a difference by taking reusable bags with you when you shop! Swap out plastic produce bags with reusable ones like this one and keep an easy to fold up reusable bag or two in your purse for those miscellaneous shopping trips.

5. Nix the single use water bottle.  An estimated 80% of water bottles end up in the garbage or even worse, as litter, and the amount of fossil fuels used to create these bottles could fuel a million cars for a year. There is perfectly drinkable water sitting right in your tap. The best part…its free. So grab a reusable bottle and fill it up!

6. Skip the straw. If the number of straws used in a single day in the U.S. were placed end to end, they could circle around the earth 2.5 times!  Like all plastics, straws never go away, and often end up as litter in our oceans.

Be Green While You Drink Green

7. Don’t have green to wear today? Check out your local thrift store or borrow from a friend instead of buying new. Not only is this better for the environment in the long run but also better for your wallet.

8. Celebrate your Irish spirit with beer in a glass tumbler or bottle. If it’s not available, solo cups in most places are recyclable so find a recycling can to give it a new life.

9. Skip the balloons. If there is one party supply you should consider skipping this St. Patrick’s Day (besides disposable tableware of course) its balloons. Balloons that are released into the air, whether accidentally or on purpose, eventually make their way back to earth where the animals they encounter either mistaken them as food or become entangled in their strings.

10. Save the rest of your party supplies to be used again next year!

Here’s wishing you a fun, safe and “green” St. Patty’s! 🙂

Cheers, Erica